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ROBSON CORPORATION - THE BEST BUY IN CHURCH SIGNS Measuring the size of a church sign can be confusing or fairly easy depending on zoning. Basically there are several measurements that need to be understood. The height of the church sign is given first and the width second. The total square footage of the sign is the height times (X) the width. So if we had 10' tall by 8' wide church sign the entire church sign would be 80 square feet.

The mounted height is from grade level to the top of the sign. The maximum square footage available for the changeable copy area is totaled by multiplying the height times the width of the changeable copy area only. If there is a restriction of the size of the C/C area vs. total area both areas need to be calculated then divided into each other to come up with a percentage number.

Normally the sign structure is not used to calculate the square footage of the sign for zoning. It is however used for calculating the wind load factor during engineering and also used for the sealed engineered drawings that most counties require.

We can help you determine the maximum allowable square footage . Normally it is a good idea to get the largest sign allowed. Robson Corporation has manufactured 300 square foot signs. We have installed signs from ground level to over 130' in the air.

Robson's commitment to excellence and quality ensures that you will always make a good first impression.


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