Digital Sign Basics

Robson Corporation manufactures the digital display in your digital church sign. Our technology provides the major benefit of significantly reducing the number of parts. By reducing the number of parts we can build a higher quality and more reliable product than anyone else.

Since you are buying the entire digital church sign including the digital section from one manufacturer, Robson Corporation, you never have to worry about who is responsible for your new digital church sign. In fact we give you a 5 Year warranty on the digital part of the Robson digital church sign and a lifetime warranty on all other parts of the digital church sign at no additional cost.

Our digital church sign is completely integrated into the overall sign. Since we are the manufacturer of the entire digital church sign and you are buying it factory direct you are receiving the highest quality digital church sign and at a price you can afford.

ROBSON CORPORATION - THE BEST BUY IN DIGITAL CHURCH SIGNS ROBSON CORPORATION - THE BEST BUY IN DIGITAL CHURCH SIGNS Because the overall engineering has been done inclusively our product will far outshine any other product available. Our LED's are the brightest and longest lasting in the industry.

The type of digital church sign you purchase needs to be based on sound marketing. Many church sign companies just try to sell you a sign. They have no idea how you should use it for maximum benefit. Robson understands communication and marketing your church. We will sell you the type of digital church sign that makes sense. We have large and small digital church signs. We have full color and full video digital church signs. In some cases that will make sense for your church. In many cases a simple one or two line digital church sign pounding out a clear message will serve you better than all the fancy bells and whistles. It's kind of like the copier salesman that sells you on 100 features but you only really use 3-5. Or the phone system salesman that does the same thing. We are here to help your business grow, not to entertain the passengers in the cars going by.

ROBSON CORPORATION - THE BEST BUY IN DIGITAL CHURCH SIGNSThe best way to get your message across is with a Robson Corporation integrated digital church sign. Our sales professionals will help you determine exactly what size and design your new church sign should be. The letter size in the digital area will be determined using a chart similar to the one on the right.

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